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We will assess your eligibility based on different Canadian immigration programs and send you the results if you are eligible.



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2) General Information

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3) Language Proficiency

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4) Education

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5) Answer these questions If you are Student now:

What do you study now?

What level of education are you going to achieve?

6) Answer these questions If you are married:

Your Spouse Education level: ?

What did She /He Study?

When (which year/month) did She/ He receive this level of education?

Is She/he Working Now?

What is her/his Job?

7) Work Experience:

Have you had any paid work experience?

If your answer is Yes, how many years you have had paid work experience?

Are you able to provide any documents such as you pay stub, recipe, employee insurance, Letter from employers or ETC…., to prove that you have had paid work experience?

8) Answer these questions If You are a Self-Employed person:

What is your self-employed job?

How many years of experience you have in this job?

How many years of paid experience as a self-employed person you have in this job?

9) Answer these questions if you are a business owner and you run your own business:

What is your business?

Do you have a registered license for your business?

If the answer is YES, how many years you have been doing this business?

Do you have employees who are currently working for you?

If the answer to this question is Yes, how many employees do you have?

Do you pay Employee Insurance?

How much is the approximate value of your business?

10) Relatives in Canada :

Do you have a relative currently living in Canada?

If the answer is yes to this question, what is the relationship between you and your relatives?

11) Personal net worth :

Please indicate approximate and the total value of your assets: (including, cash, real estate, investments, business, etc.) under you and/or your spouse's name. Select an Option:

12) Travel aboard history:

Have you ever traveled aboard (out of your origin country)?

If the answer is Yes, please indicate which country or countries?

What was the reason for this travel?

Have you ever applied for any kind of Canadian Visa?

Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, to Canada or USA?

if the answer is Yes, Please provide the detailes and why?

Have you ever commited, been arrested for, or been charged with or convicted of any criminal offence in any country?

If the Answer is Yes, Please provide details

13) Areas of Interest:

14) Please indicate Specific questions, comments or additional information that may be relevant to your inquiry: